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History: S.A. Mowat Ltd.

S.A. Mowat Ltd. was established in 1937 by Sinclair Alexander Mowat as a log trading company in Vancouver B.C.
In 1946 Mr. Mowat hired W.J. McEachnie as a log trader and soon after they were partners.
Unfortunately, the untimely death of W.J at the age of 44 left Sinclair as the sole owner of Mowat. A few years later Sinclair also became ill and sold the company to Jack Clark in 1966.
As fate would have it almost 10 years to the day of W.J. McEachnie’s passing, Mr. Clark hired a young but accomplished log trader named W.D. McEachnie, son of W.J.

In 1963 Bill McEachnie began his career in the forest industry working at a local sawmill, and then spent the next 7 years at various positions around logging. In 1970, he took his first position as a log trader with Cattermole Tretheway, then in 1972 he went on to B.C. Forest Products becoming one of the youngest log traders employed by a major forest products company.
By 1974, Bill was an accomplished trader and had many opportunities. His Father’s former involvement with the company made his decision easy to work for S.A. Mowat.
In 1977, Bill was made partner of S.A. Mowat Ltd where he remains today as principal owner of the company.